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Join ExG
Thinking of joining the clan put in an app here
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Challenge ExG
Challenge us to a game of no matter what the game mode is
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Introduce yourself
introduce yourself ot your clan here
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Thread: hi
Posted by: ExGTap0ut
put all your video's here
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Lates Game Release/reviews
post your new releases and reviews here old games or new
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Who's the comedian
do you really think your a joker prove it
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Problems With Our Members
please leave a message if you think our members haven't treated you right.
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ExG Logo's
all logo's will be presented here
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Thread: ExG MM Logo
Posted by: Hunt3r
General Chat
talk about anything here from members to visitors.
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Thread: WGL Half Health S+D Rules
Posted by: PeepoDuck

Clan Member Area
Member Chat
Talk about anything you wish here
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Thread: exg
Posted by: Drizz
Interclan Tournaments
Check for any Tournaments here
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Upcoming Matches
check here for your next match Mixed Modes and 4v4
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Thread: ExG vs TLS:B
Posted by: ExGAssass1n
WGL Standings
Table of divisions
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Thread: Upcoming Matches
Posted by: ExGTigerz

ExG Teamtage
ExG Teamtage's
This where you can find ExG Teamtage's
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Thread: montage
Posted by: ExGAssass1n

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