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Thursday, 2019-03-21, 6:58 PM
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WGL Mixed Mode League Season 9 Division 4 Runners Up

Elite Xbox Gamers was founded just over two years ago. In 2009 myself ExG BullDozer and paul ExG Assass1n were in a clan called TFB short for Team Fire Blade, which i decided to leave that clan and introduce my own clan which was named FF Freedom Fighters which entered the WGL ( Warped Gaming League) and the HCSDL which was the hardcore search and destroy league, which we did exceptionally well in both leagues and became a well known clan. Coming into the year 2010 Freedom Fighters fell apart due to players leaving and doing there own thing and not really taking part in clan matches, which left us with no choice but to remove ourselves from the WGL and HCSDL. Then there was only myself left in the clan so i left it a couple of months to get organised and such and then thought i would reintroduce the clan, it was time to change its name to a more spectacular and more interesting gaming name so the clan would be more recognisable to other people and other clans. It took long and hard thinking but i eventually came up with Elite Xbox Gamers with a little help from one of my close friends which was co leader of Elite Xbox Gamers at the time until he moved away and lost internet access therefore i had to tell him that i could not have him in the clan for that one reason. I did ok on my own for a little while, that is when i recruited ExG Xray Vision (Kev) and we were working together to try and get better quality players into ExG, we just could not find anybody that was interested or committed to play in a clan, so a couple of months went by and this is where our life saver ExG Assass1n (Paul) came into the clan and decided to attempt to get some players into the clan as me and kevin were struggling on our own so with the help of Paul we got about four or five players in which includes ExG Parkesy, DevonHan, ExG Python, xDarkworriorx, ExG Rossco with these players coming in it was easier to run the clan more smoothly without worrying about us getting players in. It was a success here at ExG and when we had enough players in the clan we decided to join the Warped Gaming League once again and we finished our first season with a little bit of help that was needed, as we did not quite have the communication skills when we first started off in our first season, we finished division 4 runners up in that league which we was all happy with. We are now continuing our success in the Warped Gaming League with us towering above all other clans in first position in division 2 which our communication skills are really getting better there are a few faults that need fixing in certain areas but that will all come in time. Thankyou to all ExG Members, Admins that have helped us here at Elite Xbox Gamers we really appreciate everything that you have done for us, we would not be where we are now if it was not for every one here that wants ExG to be a successful clan. Also many thanks to all our supporters who have supported us., this concludes our reveiw hopefully we can carry on with our success in many years to come and be the clan that everybody wants us to be. The clan members so far: ExG LooNey, ExG Parkesy,ExG Python, ExG Rossco, ExG Xray Vision, ExG Assass1n, ExG BullDozer, xDarkworriorx, ExG Kyzrax, DevonHan, ExG Ace, ExG Tapout, ExG Tigerz, ExG Smokie, ExG Drizz, ExG Laggy, ExG Ninja.

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