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WGL Mixed Mode League Season 9 Division 4 Runners Up

The Warped Gaming League is the oldest and biggest online league in the UK. 

The idea of WGL was thought of in the summer of 2009, many leagues emphasis is on bringing in the most skilled clans to their league and most prized events are geared towards these clans along side being very serious. Unfortunately many clans who wish to play in a competitive environment yet fun atmosphere are excluded or have no chance to win prizes. WGL is looking to change that by allowing these clans a fun atmosphere to play in alongside players of a similar skill.

In Early 2011 The WGL Admin team decided it was time to move to a new site and commissioned Top Two Studios to make a custom built website from scratch at a four figure cost which was to be the first custom built league website for console gamers in the UK and with it bring in a new era of online gaming for the uk console scene. 

The WGL has a great dedicated Media Team which they record either games from the vaults (clan matches that have been saved to files) or actually doing LIVE events where people can watch clan vs clan, the best bit of the media team has to be the commentaries and the interviews.

The WGL also do Betting (which of course isn't real money) where from different clans can bet on whether they think a certain clan is going to win or lose. This is really a good idea for those who like to have a flutter and can enjoy the REWARDS of the WGL money, and even a mention on the WGL site which is done at the end of the season.

WGL.tv is part of the Warped Gaming League. WGL.tv was set up to bring the WGL community match videos, highlights, interviews, live match streaming, play of the week and much more!

The WGL has grown immensely since we started in 2009, with Season 1 having just a single league containing only 8 teams! As Season 1 finished we moved from CoD: World at War to CoD: Modern Warfare 2 and now more recently onto CoD: Black Ops.

 Yet again the WGL has grown this season with 6v6 mixed modes league entering it’s 8th season, hardcore search and destroy entering it’s 3rd season and now the introduction of 4v4 core league and 4v4 hardcore which is entering it’s first season. The WGL now consists of 120 squads competing over 4 leagues and still growing!

Keep your eyes peeled for the introduction of the new WGL FIFA league coming to WGL.tv soon! There is alot of competition and talent in the WGL which we are now getting all on video!

The WGL's on TV channel (WGL.TV) will now be part of the number one all-time entertainment channel on YouTube. All record shows will be part of the Mahinima network and all shows will be streamed live on YouTube via the Machinima channel and on the front page of youtube.com/live.

This unbelievable deal will take the WGL to a whole new level bringing the community to a whole new audience and giving us all an unbelievable chance to take both the WGL and the players and the clans who participate in the league to a whole new level. 



The WGL Site Address: http://www.thewgl.co.uk/

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